Commercial Maintenance


At Yellow Interiors, as well as completing commercial refurbishments, a large part of our business is undertaking commercial maintenance. We find that many of our clients who have instructed us to complete the refurbishment of their commercial space desire to have someone to call upon for maintenance works. With such an array of fixtures and technology, as well as general ware and tear of high traffic areas, it is vital for us at Yellow Interiors to offer a service in which we are able to, whenever necessary, return to the premises and work with the facilities department to rectify issues which have occurred. Colin, with his 30 years experience in the commercial sector, oftentimes undertakes the works himself, joined by his team. We listen to the needs of the clients and ensure minimal disruption to working conditions during any works. We are often contacted by clients whom we have not worked with on a renovation project who are looking for a reliable, local maintenance service from a company who genuinely care for their clients. We welcome any enquiries from businesses based in London and the Home Counties wishing for a reliable maintenance company.

We work in a way which offers our clients complete peace of mind. Looking after heavy traffic areas can throw up a multitude of issues, and we aim to make ourselves available around the clock, to ensure that any problems which arise are dealt with in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on spotting problems before they arise, and ensure that they do not turn out to be a more costly issue further down the line. We do not work in the way a traditional Building Maintenance company does; we are a small, close knit team; there will not be a different van arriving every time you call upon us for maintenance. This is our biggest strength; we often build fantastic relationships with companies due to our personal service.

We offer an array of maintenance works, which include:

  • Carpentry & Joinery

  • Painting & Decorating

  • Electrical & HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Flooring

  • Suspended Ceilings 

One of our key strengths is minimising disruption to our clients. We often work through the night to ensure that the space is fit for purpose of staff or customers. Some of the ways we work are listed below.

Retail and Industrial - Our clients place a huge amount of importance on ensuring that their stores are attractive, orderly and, above all, safe. Working around our clients opening times, we frequently work during unsociable hours to ensure minimum disruption to shoppers. We have worked in flagship central London stores as well as store rooms and distribution centres to ensure the smooth running of our clients organisation.

Office Maintenance - From security to plumbing, we ensure we are always on hand to rectify any of our clients’ issues. We work to minimise disruption and ensure that the workplace is a safe and inviting space, ensuring maximum productivity for your staff.

Colin and his team here at Yellow Interiors would welcome a no obligation, informal conversation about we can help you with a service as vital as commercial maintenance.