Decorating & Finishing


Possibly the most enjoyable and dramatic element of your commercial renovation is the finishing touches. Once the ‘bare bones’ of your project are completed, we excel in ensuring that the final stages have a wow factor, whilst always ensuing the renovated areas remain practical. Yellow Interiors, with our creativity and knowledge of commercial finishings, work with you to learn what decorating and furniture suits your businesses needs. Some examples of decorating and finishes we undertake are listed below.


We undertake all painting works in a variety of finishes. We can advise on finishes, as well as offer advice in specialist finishes for heavy traffic areas such as scuff proof paint and anti slip floor paint.

Wall Coverings

With a host of wall coverings available, we work with you to see where and how you can utilise wall spaces with finishes..

Commercial Blinds

We can supply a verity of commercial blinds, which can be fitted in various areas from shop frontages to glass partitioning.

Furniture Procurement

We have an extensive network of contacts within the commercial furniture world. From bold statement pieces to an abundance of furniture for breakout areas. We listen to your needs and offer our advice and services to ensure that the all important furniture for your business is suitable for many years to come.

Bespoke Furniture

We can produce and install bespoke furniture to suit those not so standard spaces.

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