Glass Manifestations & Vinyl Wall Decorations

At Yellow Interiors, we are delighted to undertake the design and application of all manner of glass and window manifestations, as well as Vinyl Wall Decorations. Simply put, manifestations are window and glass graphics, which allow people to see the glass in front of them, and stop any unnecessary accidents. Glass manifestations are now required by UK law. Whilst having manifestations is a simple yet effective safety feature, it also opens up a world of possibilities for customisation, branding and marketing. Below we briefly explore the different types of manifestations, and how we can apply these in your commercial premises.

Safety Manifestations - As mentioned above, glass is now required in UK law to have manifestations. Some commercial businesses favour subtlety; circles, stripes and frosting are popular, enabling people to clearly see the glass without being overbearing. Subtleties can also include your company graphics and a multitude of other designs and shapes to aid visibility. Ideal for privacy too, we can use frosted and other distortion measures to ensure your partitioned areas are both safe and private.

Marketing Manifestations - A fantastic way to keep your branding running throughout you office space, make full use of your glass partitions and wow clients with marketing manifestations. We work with you to ensure we make the branding as eye catching or as subtle as possible; it is a wonderful way to reinforce your company brand. It also opens up a way to add to your brand; perhaps add some attention grabbing colours and design, which can perfectly complement your current branding.

Advertising Manifestations - Favoured by organisations large and small, manifestations are a fantastic, attention grabbing way to advertise your business. You can work with the team here at Yellow Interiors to ensure your advert gets seen; we can help advise on the best places for adverts, and advice on places to place your manifestations, such as lifts and other public space (should you have permission to do so of course) Manifestations are endless for advertising, and we can help you with the part of your marketing campaign by both designing and fitting.

The possibilities for manifestations truly are endless; Yellow Interiors would be delighted to speak with you to gauge how we can utilise maifestions in your refurbishment project.


Safety doesn’t have to be boring; we work with you to create unique colours and patterns to ensure your partitions are safe yet stylish and eye catching.


Not just limited to glazing, we can apply apply a creative touch to your solid walls and structures too with our vinyl wall coverings ensuring a real WOW factor,


Our bespoke vinyl wall coverings offer a fantastic way to reinforce your brand throughout your commercial interiors; often turning unloved and clinical walls into a real focus point.