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At Yellow Interiors, we always work in a way where we allow our creativity to shine through on each project. We recognise that each project is bespoke and must be practical yet characterful. We take our inspiration from both online and physical spaces. Below is an example of how we work when designing a new Meeting Room; we consider all parts of the project and design a space which our clients can be proud of.



  • Client wishes to use meeting room for storage and presentation; a bespoke wall shelving system will allow this,

  • Seating area to be modern yet respectful of surroundings. We will source furniture on behalf of client.

  • Flooring to be hard wearing as this meeting space will be used throughout the day by different departments.


  • Client wishes to divide existing unused space to create a smaller meeting room which can double up as office.

  • We will use both solid and glass partitioning as per this image to create a unique contrast.

  • We will also design and create bespoke vinyl wall decorations for the solid partitioning and manifestations for the glass, all tying in with the companies branding.



  • Often our clients ask us if glass is as practical as solid for meeting spaces, which we certainly believe to be the case.

  • This example shows the stunning visual effect of glass partitioning.

  • Clients who wish to pair form and function, glass partitioning is a great choice.


  • When dividing new office space, we can be left with various awkward angles.

  • Keen to ensure every space is utilised, we can use these spaces for meeting rooms and offices.

  • In smaller rooms, we can source furniture and decorate in a way which does not draw on the rooms narrow size yet makes a feature of it.

  • Glass allows the feeling of space to flow in to the meeting space whilst offering a barrier for our client to conduct meetings.


Elements To Consider … Furniture

Brief - our clients wishes us to source the furniture for their project. They want something a little different yet remaining practical and professional as they frequently have visitors to their premises.

Elements To Consider … Vinyl Wall Decorations

Brief - as we are due to create new walls within the space, our client wishes for us to design and fit new wall graphics to the newly built walls. They were keen to include ‘inspirational quotes’ and their company ethos. We also thought the use of blackboard paint in the smaller meeting rooms would work well.

Elements To Consider … Lighting

Brief - our client wishes to use traditional lighting in their office space. They are keen to maintain the traditional feel of the building yet ensure all new lighting is as eco friendly as can be.


Imagination & The Highest Quality Finishes.

Projects such as meeting rooms offer a world of possibilities for our clients. With every business being so different, we take the time to get to know all clients before undertaking works and we enjoy creating a bespoke solution for their new meeting room. Whether it be glass partitioning or solid, quirky furniture of more traditional. At Yellow Interiors we relish working with all different companies to create practical and affordable workspace solutions.