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At Yellow Interiors, we always work in a way where we allow our creativity to shine through on each project. We recognise that each project is bespoke and must be practical yet characterful. We take our inspiration from both online and physical spaces. Below is an example of how we work when designing new Office Spaces; we consider all parts of the project and design a space which our clients can be proud of. We recognise that such spaces must be practical and feed productivity; this is of course our primary concern, yet we we believe that Office Spaces are an opportunity for each company to showcase their unique personalities. A cleverly designed and welcoming office space doubtlessly ensures that staff enjoy being at work and this in turn keeps their productivity levels up. A win win for all concerned.



  • Client wishes for a practical workspace yet achieve a welcoming feel.

  • This can be achieved by an open plan layout and pops of colour throughout.

  • Solid and Glass Partitioning also to be considered due to the advantage of being able to have some private space yet still be very much in the office environment.


  • Client keen to separate elements of the office to create booth areas where employees can have meetings in an informal setting.

  • We can create bespoke carpentry work to create the desired seating plan.

  • Individual work space gives staff more space and feels less corporate; a great place for client meetings who can feel the energy of the company.



  • Key aspect of the project is to create a workplace which staff feel as home within.

  • The main office seating area to open in to a more informal space which is still very much part of the office.

  • Utilise different types of commercial flooring to create section off area but to ensure this area remains part of the office scene.

  • Procurement of quirky furniture which staff would enjoy using.


  • Create informal seating areas around the main office area.

  • Make these workspaces feel almost like a cafe; this will relax employees and make work less of a chore.

  • These areas to be used for staff meetings and appraisals as the more informal setting puts all at ease.


Elements To Consider … Partitioning

  • Brief - we advised client that, in order to make full use of their large office space, we should utilise either Glass or Solid Partitioning in the space to create individual meeting rooms and offices. The client is keen for us to ensure this partitioning is a real feature; either in terms of the vinyl decor/manifestation we use or perhaps create a bespoke solid partition.

Elements To Consider … Furniture

  • Brief - client wishes us to procure furniture for their office and break out space. The furniture is to be practical yet have a unique aspect which wows visitors to the premises and creates a quirky feel to meeting rooms.

Elements To Consider … Lighting

Brief - Client wants their office to have the rustic and quirky feel of their building premises. They wish to have almost a ‘warehouse’ type vibe to the lighting. We have been tasked with procuring all lighting.

Your Office Is Your (Companies) Home.

This statement is always at the forefront of our minds when designing. We love to use our creativity to ensure office space is created as bespoke as each company, and we pair this with the need to ensure the office space is practical and staff wish to work there. Since we began 12 years ago, we have always loved working on these kinds of projects due to the fact that our clients’ personality can shine through; it could be as simple as personalised manifestations on the glass or to the creation of bespoke furniture. There are truly endless possibilities and we at Yellow Interiors would relish such a challenge.