At Yellow Interiors, we always work in a way where we allow our creativity to shine through on each project. We recognise that each project is bespoke and must be practical yet characterful. We take our inspiration from both online and physical spaces. Below is an example of how we work when designing a new Reception & Break Out space; we consider all parts of the project and design a space which our clients can be proud of.



  • Solid Wall Partitioning with bespoke vinyl decoration

  • Separates the space effectively

  • Walk-through partitioning adds to open plan feel


  • Bespoke partitioning utilising matching company’s branding

  • Creates effective barrier between desk space and break out area

  • Adds a fun, less corporate style - something which our client requires



  • Contract fabric seating area creates welcoming space to meet

  • Bespoke elements such as company branding plays a large part in choice of fabrics

  • L shape feels more personable and puts staff and visitors at ease


  • Brief was to create a space which staff want to use and enjoy

  • Google’s office in Zurich achieves this - the retro vibe and gaming machines will be popular in our clients trendy workspace

  • Character - employ various lighting such as bespoke neon signage to almost give the impression of a bar; helps staff separate and relax whilst on business premises.


Elements To Consider … Lighting

Brief - Client wants statement piece lighting, whilst minimising wasteful materials such as plastic. Needs the lighting to be bold and practical. Company is keen to minimise carbon footprint, so large, friendly fixtures a preference over spotlights

Elements To Consider … Flooring

Brief - They key to success here is the pairing of bold branding with practicality to create a flooring which has both visual impact and ability to be hard wearing. Just to be used in the Reception and Break Out Area, we can go as bold as the client wishes.

Elements To Consider … Decorations & Finishing Touches

Brief - Quirkiness is key. Our client is very keen to implement fun and bold aspects which really reflect both the staff and the business. We must be considerate of materials; our client is keen to ensure a high quality feel, so wishes to use tiles and unique furnishing to really separate this reception area from the corporate norm. Anything goes!


Unlimited Possibilities.

We adore undertaking all manor of projects, especially ones where we can utilise our creativity. Above is a snap shot of the kind of work areas which we love to create. Head over to our Case Studies page to see some real life examples of everything from bespoke carpentry to high quality reception areas.