Suspended Ceilings

A part of what we do here at Yellow Interiors is the planning, and installation of Suspended Ceilings. We have over 30 years experience using many Suspended Ceiling systems.

The main uses for suspended ceilings are for the containment of services such as lighting, smoke detection and Air Conditioning whilst forming a fire and acoustic barrier.

We can give you guidance on the best option for your needs.

We can also design and install all your lighting requirements.

Below we look at the two main types of Suspended Ceilings which we undertake.


Suspended Lay-in Modular Systems

A key advantage of suspended ceilings is the ability it has to conceal services and obstructions attached to the underside of existing soffits. This is much more beneficial than a fixed, permanent ceiling, mainly due to the ability to easily access the ceiling void to carry out maintenance.


Suspended ceilings can offer great aesthetic qualities, but it is also the functionality of this type of ceiling which is of great benefit to commercial spaces. By using suspended ceilings, you will benefit from improved thermal qualities, as well as acoustic improvements,

We work with the highest quality of suspended ceilings and work with world renowned suppliers such asArmstrong, British Gypsum, Rockfon, Echophon and SAS as well as many others.

We deal with all aspects of suspended ceilings such as lighting, so everything is handled by our team at Yellow Interiors. We can provide you with samples and literature in order to help with your decision.


MF Ceiling System

The concealed MF ceiling system is the more traditional form of suspended ceiling. A key benefit to the MF ceiling system is its ability to utilise one or more layers of a wide range of boards. This is highly beneficial as specialists boards can be utilised for the needs of each individual organisation. Basic wallboards can be used, while some companies opt for boards to achieve specific requirements. Fire safety, acoustic and aesthetic boards are always a key consideration; we can advise on the advantages of each and what best works for your organisation.

Easy to fit, the boards are fixed onto a concealed framework of channels. The grid itself is suspended by strap hangers of angle sections fixed to structural elements such soffit.