At Yellow Interiors, we always work in a way where we allow our creativity to shine through on each project. We recognise that each project is bespoke and must be practical yet characterful. We take our inspiration from both online and physical spaces. Below is an example of how we work when designing a new Washroom; we consider all parts of the project and design a space which our clients can be proud of. We recognise that washrooms and other welfare facilities must be practical and hygienic; this is of course our primary concern, yet this does not mean that this space cannot be characterful.



  • Client wishes for us to produce a luxury washroom for their staff

  • The brief is to create a space which both staff and visitors will feel comfortable using

  • Client wishes for a high end feel; similar to that in luxury hotels



  • A key request of our client is to use eco friendly materials and minimise wastage.

  • Client loves the idea of wood used throughout the washroom in hygienic places.

  • Client wishes to source items from independent companies as this feeds into the companies ethos.



  • Client very keen to explore creative solutions ensuring a high end feel whilst minimising costs.

  • Wishes to use the companies branding in the washrooms.

  • Bold, bright colours and vinyl decorations favoured.

  • Each cubicle to have its own personality.


  • Wishes to add fun and productivity to a usually disliked space.

  • A chalkboard wall around the large basin area to be used after hand washing.

  • Leave a note or motivational quote for colleagues.

  • This kind of ‘freestyle’ note taking also to be used throughout meeting spaces so an air on continuity.

Elements To Consider … Hygiene

  • Brief - Clients (And Our) primary concern is to ensure the space is hygienic and welcoming. Look for innovative ways to increase hygiene and invite staff to help to maintain the welcoming space for everyone. Through the use of unique basins and self cleaning toilets we believe we can achieve a space which everyone is proud of.

Elements To Consider … Tiling

  • Brief - Clients keen to use tiling throughout the washrooms as it helps achieve a luxury finish. They want the tiles to have some continuity with their branding yet look clean, welcoming and have a luxury look.

Elements To Consider … Lighting

  • Brief - ensure lighting in the bathroom is welcoming and has a unique touch; they want to go as far from the idea of ‘office washroom’ as possible and create a space all staff enjoy and want to treat well as they believe it will pay off in the future. Economical factors also a key consideration so the material use should always be considered.

A Hygienic Yet Welcoming & Characterful Space.

Hygiene is always our primary concern when designing and constructing washrooms and other welfare spaces. This should be a given however sadly not all construction companies consider this. We work with you to understand the finer details of what you’d like and offer our advice. We take pride in creating washroom and welfare facilities which staff feel comfortable using.